Luxury apartment in Lungarno

2015, Florence

The apartment is located on the first floor of a prestigious historic palazzo on Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli in Florence. The outlook is over the Arno river looking south allowing us to appreciate the unique Florentine landscape from the Ponte Vecchio to the Ponte Santa Trinita, the most beautiful buildings and timeless monuments of the city.

From our direct experience achieved with the survey of the property we have been able to develop the Refurbishment Project, setting up the fundamental guidelines: preservation and enhancement of views and windows; rationalisation and optimization of space and distribution organization; use of selected materials and quality finishes for furniture and interior decoration.

As a source of inspiration it was enough to look a little further: the beautiful suites of the Hotel Lungarno Collection of the Ferragamo Group have influenced the design of the rooms and furniture as well as the entire city of Florence, with its inestimable treasures and artworks, always allowing the Italian charm and atmosphere to seep into our ideas. The Project proposal summarises and combines suggestions and solutions seemingly contradictory: the classic style blends with modern design, the traditional local architecture meets the contemporary international taste with a unique harmony of shapes and colours that enhances the original identity of the places and, at the same time, gives cosmopolitan visions.

The balanced and minimalistic design of the spaces and surfaces dialogue with fine details and quality materials; the transparency and the solemnity of the large windows is compared with the decor and refined furnishings; the neutral colours of the partitions and frame windows meet the warmth of the wooden flooring, extended to the whole area of the apartment.

The plan organization follows the existing design environments by improving it and increasing the quality of life and overall enjoyment of the residence. The living area, facing the river (living room, dining room, kitchen, studio) is divided into more rational and balanced proportions while the night zone (bedrooms, bathrooms), facing the inner courtyard of the building, is divided into different rooms with the objective of maintaining ventilation and natural lighting.

In parallel with the reorganization of space and the renovation of the decoration and furnishings, all technical plants have been completely renewed and designed following once again the philosophy of “harmonious modernisation”. The study of the artificial lighting is very important, as is the analysis of the aero-lighting relationship and sun exposure: significant attention is paid to the design of the lighting system to emphasize and enhance the natural characteristics of the residence.

Refinement, balance between classic and modern, rationalization and optimization of the existing are, in summary, the cornerstones of the design for this prestigious apartment in Florence.