Museum “Oratorio di San Bernardino”
1998, Piazza San Francesco, Siena

Brief Description

This extraordinary collection of the Diocesan Museum, fundamental to understanding the territory’s history of sacred art, embraces a series of masterpieces of inestimable value, which range from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. Historical records of the Oratory trace back to 1273 with numerous records of intervention until it reached its configuration of two chapels one on top of another; the “Oratorio Inferiore” and the “Oratorio Superiore”. In this project numerous rooms were recovered and restored in order to create this exhibition space which is the Sacred Art Museum. The opening up of the new rooms, old store rooms and service rooms has allowed the creation of a “path” through the museum via characteristic antique passages, cellars and attics which has allowed the entire building to be “rediscovered” and has also given added value to the extraordinary spaces and the connections between them. The works of art now exhibited here have finally found their ideal location in this restored environment which somehow mirrors the history of the works themselves.